Can I Make an Annonymous Donation2017-11-13T18:45:17+11:00

Yes, RGYC Foundation can accept anonymous (confidential) donations.

This can be completed by either:

  • Making a tax deductible donation using the Australian Sports Foundation donation online / manual donation form and checking the box to advise that you would like your donation to remain anonymous (confidential)
  • Working directly with an RGYC Foundation Trustee to make a confidential gift, bequest, or non-tax deductible monetary donation.

Please note: while the ASF donation forms will still collect your personal information, anonymous donations will be treated as confidential, and your private information will only used for the purposes of administering your donation and providing you with a tax deduction receipt and a personal thankyou.


Can ASF Advise Me About When I Should Claim a Tax Deduction?2017-11-13T18:32:09+11:00

The Australian Sports Foundation have provided the following statement:

“While in most cases the position on how and when to claim a tax deduction is straightforward, the Sports Foundation occasionally receives queries from our fundraising partners about whether donations in certain circumstances are eligible for a tax deduction.

We are unable to provide advice in these areas – as it is up to the donor to decide whether they should claim a tax deduction, and ultimately only the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) can determine whether a claim is valid. However, in order to provide as much assistance as possible to our fundraisers and donors, we have outlined a few common questions, together with our understanding of the appropriate ATO guidance, on the FAQ’s section of the ‘Donor Information’ page on our website. In particular, this contains information on updated guidance from the ATO in relation to donations by relatives, and whether a tax deduction can be claimed.”



Can I Donate to a Project that My Child or Relative is Benefitting from:2017-11-12T20:25:45+11:00

Australian Sports Foundation advises:

“Yes, and in most cases you will be able to claim a tax deduction based on the receipt ASF issue. However, there are some circumstances where a donor may not be able to claim a tax deduction. This is most likely to affect donations by relatives to support individual athletes or for projects raising funds to support team travel and where a relative is included in the travelling party”.

For more information, please see: https://asf.org.au/donation-information-for-relatives-and-other-associates/

Donor Recognition2017-11-12T20:24:07+11:00

ATO Tax Legislation, requires all tax deductible donations to be voluntary, with the donor not receiving any ‘material benefit’ in return for their donation gift.

Individuals donating gifts of $1000 or more will be recognised with membership to the Foundation.

Companies donating goods or services will be recognised by TBC???

Opps, I Accidentally Donated to the Wrong Project2017-11-12T20:22:41+11:00

RGYC Foundation often runs multiple projects.

If you have donated to the wrong project and would like to change your donation, please contact the Australian Sports Foundation on [email protected] as soon as you can so they can assist you to re-allocate your donation to the correct RGYC Foundation project.

Where do I Submit my Manual Donation Form?2017-11-12T20:21:13+11:00

Manual Donation forms should be submitted to the RGYC Foundation, C/- RGYC Office,

RGYC Foundation will endeavour to enter these manual donations on your behalf to minimise donation fees.

When will I receive a Tax Deduction Receipt?2017-11-12T20:16:40+11:00

Donors receive instant notification of their donation and a tax deduction receipt as soon as the donation payment has been reconciled by the Australian Sports Foundation.

Tax deduction receipts will be emailed to the address provided on the donation form.Â

If you do not believe you have received a timely tax deduction receipt, please check your junk/spam folder and if you still cannot locate it, please contact the Australian Sports Foundation at [email protected]

Regular Giving Donations2017-11-12T20:15:39+11:00

Donors can make ‘set and forget’ regular donations by credit card (direct debit coming soon)

Donors can select to give monthly, quarterly or annually.

To add an end date to your regular donation (eg. $1000 annually for three years), please email the Australian Sports Foundation on [email protected] so they can add an end date to your regular giving schedule.

Can membership fees be paid through the Foundation?2017-11-12T20:14:23+11:00

No. Under ATO legislation, all tax deductible donations must be voluntary, and the donor cannot receive any ‘material benefit’ in return for their gift.

Generally, membership fees are not considered tax deductible donations because members receive benefits such as insurance, provision of competitions, uniform etc.

How are ASF Funds Distributed to RGYC Foundation?2017-11-13T18:23:15+11:00

Money donated to RGYC Foundation via the Australian Sports Foundation website is distributed back to RGYC Foundation every months in the form of a grant.

The only exception to this is where fundraising for a facility project requires Council development or building permits, in which case funds are held until necessary permits to start work have been received.

For more information please see:

Online Donations2017-11-13T18:24:10+11:00

Online donations are made via the Australian Sports Foundation’s Secure Online Portal which is easy and hassle free and accepts both direct debit and credit card payments.

To maximise donations, donors are offered the opportunity to ‘top up’ their donation to cover any additional standard Visa / Mastercard (1%) or Amex (2%) fees.

For more information please see:

Why Should Businesses make a Corporate Donation?2017-11-12T20:11:34+11:00

Many businesses in Australia love supporting sport.

Through our partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation, we can offer something that many other clubs and organisations cannot… tax deductibility!

Donate your Corporate & Social Responsibility budget to a support a worthy cause that ‘Fosters the Sport of Sailing’; or sponsor one of our local community, or national and international sailing events and receive a tax deduction.

ASF Projects – Facilities Development2017-11-12T20:10:26+11:00

In addition to the standard ASF project requirements, facility development projects also require the following formal documentation to be provided:

  • Who is the landowner?
  • Do you have landowner consent?
  • Do you have development/building approval?
  • Estimated construction timeline
Will I be Charged any Additional Fees?2017-11-13T18:25:09+11:00

Credit card donations attract standard transaction fees:

  • 1% for VISA or MasterCard
  • 2% for AMEX

To maximise donations, donors are offered the opportunity to “top up” their donation to cover any credit card fees.

For more information please see:

What does it cost to use ASF?2017-11-13T18:25:54+11:00

The Australian Sports Foundation (ABN 27 008 613 858) is fully self-funded and retains a small amount of all donations to enable them to provide support and services to their registered sporting club and organisations.

  • 5% for all online transactions
  • 6% for offline or manual transactions

For more information please see:

What does partnership with ASF provide RGYC Foundation?2017-11-13T18:26:48+11:00
  • Tax deductibility for donations greater than $2
  • Access to a hosted fundraising webpage & online donation capability (where each project is provided its own unique url)
  • One-off & periodic donations (Credit Card or EFT)
  • Automated receipting of donations
  • Facility to accept bequests, physical gifts (boats?), organisation donations etc.
  • Ability to receive generic foundation payments and fundraise for specific projects
  • Ongoing fundraising, administrative & fund acquittal support

For more information please see:

Who is the Australian Sports Foundation?2017-11-13T18:22:18+11:00

RGYC Foundation projects are run in partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation (Foundation) so our donors are eligible to receive a tax deduction for on donations over $2.

Information about the Australian Sports Foundation and Frequently Asked Questions about how their donation process works can be found in their ‘Donor Information Pack’:

Is RGYC Foundation a Charity ?2017-11-12T20:19:27+11:00

No RGYC Foundation is a Not for Profit, but not a Charity. Our Tax Deductible Donations are managed through our partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation.

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